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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in Richmond, Fort Lee, Glen Allen, Henrico Counties and Surrounding Areas

Carpet Cleaning Coupons

Platinum Fresh

Carpet Cleaning
Up to 2 Areas

Reg $ 119

Deep Scrub & Pet Treatment Extra. Limited Time Only. Areas are 180 SF or less.

Platinum Fresh

Carpet Cleaning Up to 5 Areas
Reg $ 249

Deep Scrub & Pet Treatment Extra. Limited Time Only. Areas are 180 SF or less.

Platinum Fresh

Carpet Cleaning
Up to 7 Areas

Reg $ 329

Deep Scrub & Pet Treatment Extra. Limited Time Only. Areas are 180 SF or less.

Carpet Cleaning by Professional Carpet Cleaners

Looking for professional carpet cleaners in Richmond, VA? Need reliable and quality animal urine and stain removal in Fort Lee, Glen Allen and other areas in VA? You have come to the right place!

@Your Service! Inc, Professional Cleaning Services specializes in stain removal, odor control and cat and dog urine removal. Our carpet cleaners are knowledgeable and skilled to remove any stain caused by grease, wine, ink and other hard to remove stains. We offer all types of carpet cleaning and serve properties in Richmond, Fort Lee, Glen Allen, Henrico Counties and nearby areas. We treat all our clients with respect and dedication to provide the best carpet cleaning job every time. Our over 15 years of experience and commitment to provide our clients with 100% satisfaction are the reasons why many property owners in Richmond, Fort Lee, Glen Allen and other VA areas only trust us for their carpet cleaning requirements. To learn more about our carpet cleaning services in Richmond, Fort Lee, Glen Allen and surrounding areas, please contact us today. Be our client for life and experience the difference we make.

Dog & Cat Urine Removal & Odor Control

We love our cats and dogs but never their urine and the odor from pet accidents. The longer our pet's urine sits in our carpet, the worse the problem becomes. If not removed and treated properly, the odor from our pet's urine can travel through the entire home and impact you and your family's health and happiness. If you have cat urine, dog urine and pet odors dilemma, contact @ Your Service and let our experts get rid of your pet urine and odors problems in Richmond, Fort Lee, Glen Allen and surrounding VA areas. Our team can effectively and quickly remove the stains and odors caused by your dogs and cats. We have the best products and equipment to help lift out any discoloration and make your carpet and other areas pet urine and odor free. To learn more about our pet urine and odor removal services in Richmond, Fort Lee, Glen Allen and surrounding areas, please contact us today. Let us prove to you that @ Your Service! Inc, Professional Cleaning Services is the Dog & Cat Urine Removal & Odor Control Expert in Richmond, Fort Lee, Glen Allen, Henrico Counties and surrounding areas.

Stain Removal for Carpet Cleaning

Here at @ Your Service, we understand how difficult and frustrating stain removal can be. This chore can be done by household cleaners around your home in Richmond, Fort Lee, Glen Allen and areas. But when you decide to do the removal by your own, make sure to never rub a stain as it spreads the stain and breaks down the carpet fibers. If the stain is still visible and you think you cannot handle the job right, contact us and let our experts handle the stain removal for you. We serve property owners in Richmond, Fort Lee, Glen Allen, Chesterfield and surrounding VA areas and we take pride to be one of the most trusted and preferred carpet cleaners and stain removal companies in the areas. We do stain removal on upholstery and carpets in Richmond, Fort Lee, Glen Allen and surrounding areas. We handle and remove all kinds of stains on carpet and upholstery including but not limited to: ink, food stains, red wine stains, wax, magic marker, grease, oil and others. To learn more about our carpet and upholstery stain removal services, please contact us today. Discover why @ Your Service! Inc, Professional Cleaning Services is the Stain Removal Expert.

Professional Training

Customer satisfaction is our NUMBER 1 priority that is why we make sure that each carpet, air duct, dryer vent, upholstery and other cleaning services is done right. We take pride our team of cleaning experts that has undergone extensive training to provide only the best cleaning service to our clients in Richmond, Fort Lee, Glen Allen and other VA areas. All our cleaning staff are knowledgeable about all the proper techniques for all types Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning including stain removal techniques, water flow, pet urine removal, hot water temperature selection and stain removal techniques. Our team is well trained to provide our clients in Richmond, Fort Lee, Glen Allen and other VA areas only the best results without damaging your carpet or upholstery. In addition to carpet and upholstery stain cleaning services, our team also specializes in other cleaning needs including air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, tile & grout and other maid services in Richmond, Fort Lee, Glen Allen and surrounding Virginia areas. Contact us today for all your carpet cleaning, pet urine removal, odor control and stain removal needs. Feel free to browse through our website to learn more about our other services and discover why @ Your service is your trusted choice for all your cleaning needs in Richmond, Fort Lee, Glen Allen, Chesterfield, Henrico Counties and surrounding areas for many years.

Air Duct Cleaning

What's Lurking in Your Duct Work?
  • If you have not had the air ducts in your Richmond, Midlothian, Glen Allen or Fort Lee, VA home cleaned in the last five years, YOU NEED TO READ THIS!

  • Contained in the hundreds of square feet of surface area in your air ducts are years of accumulation of dust, dirt, pollen, hair, spider webs, dead insects, dust mites and other allergens and impurities.

  • The impurities and bacteria in your air ducts may contribute to the adverse effects of allergies, sinus problems and other health issues.

  • Mold spores and moisture can breed mold growth in contaminated air duct systems.

  • √FACT . . . One out of six people who suffer from allergies do so because of the direct relationship to the fungi and bacteria in air duct systems. (Total Health & Better Health Magazines)

  • √ FACT . . . Children are more likely than adults to be affected by polluted indoor air— they breathe faster, inhale more air per unit of body weight and are closer to the ground where concentrations are higher. (Dept. of Consumer Affairs)

  • √ FACT . . . Legionnaire’s Disease was spawned in air conditioning ducts. It killed 29 people in 1976. (American Lung Assoc.)

  • √ FACT . . . The elderly, asthmatics, and people with breathing problems, allergies, and lung diseases are also likely to be more sensitive to pollutants. (Dept. of Consumer Affairs)

  • √ FACT . . . 50% of all illnesses are either caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air. (American College of Allergists)

  • √ FACT . . . Most people spend 60-90% of their time indoors. (American Lung Association)

  • A homeowner CANNOT effectively clean their own air ducts. . Unlike carpet or upholstery cleaning which you or your maid can do, air duct cleaning requires special equipment and professional training. Specially formulated and environmentally friendly solutions can be sprayed into your air ducts to kill mold, bacteria and eliminate odors.

  • Duct cleaning can help to keep dust particles out of your home’s air and off of your furniture and counters.

Our Air Duct Cleaning - Decontamination System

We use a very large vacuum system designed to put your air duct system under negative pressure. We close or seal each vent to maintain this pressure and prevent dust entry into the home. We then clean the interior of the ductwork with special tools that travel through the ductwork to dislodge the debris. Once airborne inside the ductwork, the debris is drawn into the vacuum system by the strong airflow created by the negative pressure. After cleaning the ductwork, we can sanitize or deodorize the system. One of the most overlooked parts of any home in Richmond or Midlothian, VA is the heating and cooling ductwork. It sure is easy to spot a soiled carpet or stained upholstery and have home cleaning or maid service deal with it. Out of sight, but always working for you, the home ductwork usually contains as much space as an average size room. When was the last time this “room” was cleaned?

The heating and cooling ductwork is a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Some health experts believe that approximately one in six people who suffer from allergies do so as a direct result of fungi and bacteria in the air duct system. Health considerations aside, there are other good reasons to have your air ducts cleaned, as you would your carpet or upholstery. Dust and dirt in the heating/cooling system is a primary cause of system breakdown and unscheduled service calls. A clean system is also more efficient. So, as you can see, furnace and air duct cleaning makes the system last longer and conserve energy. Consider having your air ducts cleaned today. We recommend cleaning every 2-3 years, depending on your living circumstances or annually for homes with allergic patients. Give us a call today for the finest furnace/air duct cleaning available in Richmond, Midlothian and neighboring areas in VA. You’ll be glad you did! We also offer home cleaning and maid services in the said areas.

CALL TODAY! 804-421-9371

Tile & Grout Cleaning


Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico Counties and Surrounding Areas

  • Dramatic Results!

  • Make Tile & Grout Look New

  • Powerful Cleaning System

  • Safe & Reliable

  • Discounted Prices

Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

Let Your Tile & Grout Cleaning Service get you off your hands knees with a new, powerful, fast and safe, tile cleaning process. Using a specially developed pre-treatment solution and our high-pressure, hot water rinse, we can restore and clean all your ceramic tile and grout surfaces. You can see great results anywhere in your home: bathroom floors,  kitchen floors, tiled foyers and entryways, tiled halls, sunrooms, countertops, and more. 

Bathroom Tile Floors

 Bathroom tile is considered one of the toughest tiles on earth to clean, especially if it is not cleaned on a regular basis. Build up from shampoos, soap and dirt tend to stick like glue to tiled surfaces. Because tiles are typically used in spaces that are steamy, wet or moist the majority of the time, mold and mildew are also a common problem. Our tile cleaning system can get rid of most of these problems. If tile cleaning is done on a regular basis, basic household cleaners, along with a brush or sponge and hot water will do. But for heavy-duty tile cleaning, it may take our industrial strength cleaner and our specially designed tile cleaning system.

Floor Tile Cleaning

Tile floor Nothing shows off a room more than beautifully maintained tile. But keeping that flooring looking nice take a lot of hard work. Who has the time to get down on your knees every week? Our tile cleaning system works great on ceramic tile, porcelain and other hard surfaces. You will see what a dramatic difference our cleaning system can make on your tile and stone flooring.

How Our Tile Cleaning System Works

Some people call our Your Cleaning System a "steam cleaning system". Actually steam cleaning tile isn't based on steam, but rather a continuous "blast" of high water pressure to the surface. The continuous stream of hot water loosens the dirt, film, and mildew and allows the tiled surface to be wiped clean after blasting. There is no need for detergents, cleaning solutions, or scrubbing. Steam cleaning tile is gentle enough to be considered safe for the majority of tiled surfaces, but powerful enough to remove dirt and film from tough to clean spaces such as cracks and molding. Overall, steam cleaning tile provides a sparkling finish.

Proper Care of Your Tile Floors

Proper care of your floor prevents damage, extends its life and keeps it looking new for years. How do you properly care for your flooring?

If you enjoy going barefoot or even if you don't, kick your shoes off at the door. Why remove your shoes? If you have a rough board that needs smoothing you grab a sheet of sandpaper for the job. Guess what's on the bottom of your shoes? Sand and dirt grind away at the surface of your floor causing an early death. A closer look at the bottoms of those shoes and you'll find oil, dirt and heaven only knows how many tidbits of left over dog deposits. Small wonder why your floors stubbornly refuse to come clean. Do wear slippers or socks inside. The oil from the bottom of your feet also dirties the surface. Always seal grout lines after steam cleaning tile to protect it and make get the most life from your flooring.

Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning Services

Just a reminder, we do more than just tile. We also do @Html.ActionLink("Carpet Cleaning", "index", "carpet-cleaning") and @Html.ActionLink("Upholstery Cleaning", "index", "upholstery-cleaning"). Chances are no matter what your cleaning needs are, our Carpet, Upholstery, Tile Cleaning services has you covered. Just give us a call and see for yourself, the @ Your Service Cleaning difference!

Upholstery Cleaning

Servicing: Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico Counties and Surrounding Areas

Is Your Upholstery Clean?

  • Deep Cleaning Units

  • Remove Stains & Odors

  • Revitalizes Furniture

  • We Specialize In:

  • Sofa & Love Seats

  • Arm Chairs & Recliners

  • Ottomans

  • Leather Furniture

  • Mattress Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Can Revitalize Your Furniture

Did you know that @ Your Service Upholstery Cleaning could make your furniture look new again? So don't replace your favorite sofa or chair, let our experts restore the beauty and extend the life of your favorite upholstered furniture. With our commercial grade deep upholstery cleaning system your sofa, loveseat, recliner or any other piece of furniture can look near new again. So don't go out and buy new furniture and don't be embarrassed by your sofa set. We can help make you feel good about your furniture again.

Upholstery Cleaning
Standard Sofa

20% Savings

Standard Couch or Sofa 8' or less. Detached pillows extra.

Upholstery Cleaning
Standard Love Seat

20% Savings

Standard Love Seat 6' or less. Detached pillows extra.

Our Technicians are Trained

Upholstered furniture has a more varied range of materials and manufacturing methods than carpet. Our knowledgeable professionally trained technicians can identify the fabric type of each upholstered piece and what upholstery cleaning methods will give your upholstery the best, safest and longest lasting results.

Upholstery Cleaning - Removing Spots and Stains

As in carpet cleaning, the key is to get to spot removal is to get to them as soon as possible. Remove soil and blot up any excess liquid. Next test your cleaner on an inconspicuous area of upholstery to test color fastness. The best place is on the back or underneath the "skirt" of the piece. If the stain still does not come out call us immediately for our Upholstery Cleaning service so we can remove it before it sets.

Pet Spots & Odor Removal

Dog Urine, Cat Urine, Dog and Cat Vomit Removal Service
Pet Accidents Do Happen

Owners of even the best-trained pets will occasionally encounter pet accidents like pet stains, pet odor, dog urine, and cat urine. Often, the urine is not discovered until long after the accident. The types of damage from pet stains can be diverse and are dependent upon the makeup of the urine. Urine content will change over the pet’s life because of the pet’s diet, medications, age, health, sex, and reproductive cycles. Because of theses various problems, you need someone experienced with these types of spots and the know-how to remove odors. We have years of experience dealing with pet issues. Let us prove to you that At Your Service Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is the Dog & Cat Urine Removal & Odor Control Expert.

Pet Odor Removal & Control

Another problem, especially with cats, is odor. Unless the cat urine can be completely removed, complete odor removal is unlikely. A number of products are available to combat odor, but may simply mask the odor, and, in times of high humidity, the odor may reappear. At Your Service Carpet Cleaning has a wide array of tools and chemicals that can help pet odor especially cat urine. For example, enzymes are a natural way to more effectively deal with many of pet related problems. It is important to attack the problem immediately. If you wait to long, smoe odors cannot be removed, the damaged area of the carpet can be replaced with a piece from reserved scrap. If carpet replacement is necessary, then replacement of cushion and even subflooring may also be necessary.

How Dog Urine & Cat Urine Affect Your Carpet & Upholstery

Pet urine, left unattended, can damage carpet in several ways. Moisture can weaken the layers of the carpet, allowing separation or delamination of the backing material. Seam areas can be particularly damaged and can separate. Pet Urine can affect the dyes used in carpet, although not all occurrences will result in a permanent stain. Success is dependent upon the content of the Dog Urine or Cat Urine, the dyes and finish used, and the time elapsed after the deposit. Some urine spots may be immediately noticeable, while others may take weeks or months for a reaction. The dyes may change color immediately after contact with Pet Urine. When Pet Stains develop slowly and are noticed after much time has elapsed, the dyes and carpet fibers may be permanently damaged. In beige carpet, blue dyes are attacked by pet urine, leaving behind the red and yellow dyes with a resulting stain appearing red, yellow, or orange.

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